About Johnston Candles

Responsibly sourced soy candles by Johnston CandlesJohnston Candles

Reclaimed. Recycled. Upcycled.

Whatever you call it, it’s the process of making the most of what we already have.

And that’s what Johnston Candles are all about.

At Johnston Candles, we’re committed to sustainability, ecological responsibility and preserving the earth for our kids (and their kids).

Each and every candle you find here has been hand-poured and hand-decorated with the finest waxes, including 100% US-grown and sustainably sourced soy; many also feature hemp wicks.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, just ask. Send us an email or give us a call at (808)542-5975 and we’ll be happy to help.

David, David and Angie Johnston of Johnston CandlesAbout the Johnstons

We’re just a guy, a girl, a toddler and a pair of adorable dogs making candles and spreading fantastic, high-quality scents around the world, one household at a time. Our biggest goals are to have fun in everything we do, light up other people’s lives, and leave wonderful memories trailing behind us as we go.

is a combat veteran of OIF and OEF who currently has the honor of burying our nation’s heroes at Arlington Cemetery. As a member of the elite Old Guard, David enjoys being part of history and helping families cope through difficult times. David is the CEO of Johnston Candles.

Angie is a combat veteran of OIF and currently serves in an aviation unit in the Washington, D.C. National Guard. She’s a candlemaker by day and copywriter by night. Angie is also half of the board of directors at Johnston Candles.

Davy is a combat veteran of the Terrible Twos. He’s the other half of our board of directors, but his decisions are usually limited to color and fragrance combinations; his marketing skills are, frankly, not that great.

Tonka JohnstonTonka is a big, cuddly puppy who sits around the Johnston Candles workshop eating wicks, scratching at the door and generally not contributing to the growth of the company. He does work for free, though, so we keep him on staff.

Cujo JohnstonCujo is the small dog who terrifies the UPS guy every time he drops off a shipment of wax, scares the pizza guy when we’re too busy to cook, and makes sure that our jars tip over once or twice a day. She also works for free, keeping our overhead low.