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4-Ounce Cherry Blossom Candle in a Round Tin


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Product Description

Spectacularly simple, the 4-ounce Cherry Blossom candle comes in a round tin with a lid that’s perfect for stashing on a shelf or for putting on full display. With light, uplifting undertones of fresh cherry blossoms and a scent that effortlessly fills your room, this simple candle is ideal for adding a little something special to your space.

The 4-ounce Cherry Blossom candle is made from sustainable and responsibly sourced soy wax that’s harvested and manufactured in the USA. It features a hemp wick, giving you the maximum scent without compromising earth-friendliness.

This gorgeous candle makes a fantastic gift for yourself or for someone else.

If you’re interested in another fragrance, check out our list of soy candle scents or let us know — we probably have it!

Additional Information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 2 x 2 x 2.5 in


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