Glittery Princess Square 1.5-Ounce Candle

Glittery Princess Mini-Candle


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Product Description

This precious miniature candle, made in a reclaimed glass, features the invigorating and refreshing scent of cranberry-lemongrass. This pink candle’s 100% pure, sustainable and responsibly sourced soy wax and a hemp wick make it an extra-special addition to any feminine space.

Although the Glittery Princess mini-candle is just 1.5 ounces, it will give you 10 to 12 hours of fantastic fragrance. Adorned with a glittery ribbon and designed to look delicate and feminine, this pretty pink candle will look fantastic on a bedside table, a bathroom countertop or other small space.

Additional Information

Weight 1.5 oz
Dimensions 2 x 2 x 2.5 in


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