What Are Wicks Made Of?

What are candle wicks made from?Everybody enjoys a good candle now and again, but it’s a smart idea to know what you’re burning in your home. Candles are made from wax (ours are all sustainable, responsibly sourced soy wax)… so what are wicks made of?

What Are Wicks Made Of?

Candle wicks are made from a variety of materials, and each material has its own ups and downs. Some candles burn cotton wicks, while others burn hemp. There are big differences, though.

Cotton candle wicks might have a lead core — and that’s dangerously toxic. The candle fumes that can come out of those kinds of wicks aren’t exactly people-friendly. While manufacturers aren’t allowed to make cotton wicks with lead cores here in the US, they can be put into candles from China and other countries.

Cotton wicks may not be sustainable or responsibly sourced, either.

Hemp wicks, on the other hand, are natural and sustainable. The hemp wick candles we make have a hemp core in a fair-trade cotton sleeve; this is all coated by wax and dropped right into our freshly poured candles as they cool.


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